Case Study

National Travel Company


A national travel company came to Lead Horse and tasked us with improving on their organic traffic and keyword rankings

Primary Goals:

  • Improve technical SEO
  • Increase organic traffic and revenue
  • Improve keyword rankings

The Results

After 6 months of working with the client, keyword rankings increased by 122%, and organic traffic increased by 34%, which resulted in a significant increase in revenue.

Keyword rankings increased by:
Organic traffic increased by:

Technical SEO

When building a house, the first thing that is done is the foundation. If the foundation is wrong, it will cause major issues in the future. That is why the first step in SEO development is working with the client on the technical aspects of their site. For this client, we were able to find opportunities for improvement that we worked alongside their website administrators to implement.

Increasing Traffic & Revenue

Once we had the technical SEO completed, our team began focusing on the content and usability. During this phase, we worked with the client to update content and the conversion path for their customers. By doing so, the customers were able to better engage with the site, and as a result, revenue increased.

Final Results

Our team believes in doing white hat SEO only. This means we stay up to date on all of the changes to the Google algorithms. By following those best practices and working with the client to improve the technical and onsite SEO, the client's organic rankings increased by 122%. This led to a 34% increase in traffic and a large increase in revenue.

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