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We are an Atlanta based digital marketing and design agency that delivers big brand expertise to growing companies and savvy start-ups.

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    Does $1.4M in revenue growth without spending an extra dime sound good to you?

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    How we deliver value to your business


    Sophisticated Technology

    Lead Horse has world-class technology that solves your most complex measurement challenges. Do you want the ability to track digital marketing ROI at the most granular level? We close the sales loop and measure your entire business pie.

    Expert Management

    Our team has managed millions in ad spend for the most recognizable brands, delivering an exceptional ROI. We are certified partners with Google and Bing. Wouldn’t you sleep better at night knowing that experts are running your campaigns? Lead Horse will put you infront of your competitors.

    Exceptional Service

    We pride ourselves on forming strategic partnerships with clients. Lead Horse is not merely another vendor, but an extension of your team. Do you want to align your business with an agency that will be around for the long-haul? If so, Lead Horse is your answer.

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