Paid Social Media Advertising

Advertising on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook can help you reach more and more people in a world where organic social media is becoming more focused on branding and less on acquiring new customers. We work with clients to ensure their business reaches the right people, at the right time, on social media platforms that matter.


You know your company has to have a presence on social media. It's 2018, after all, and consumers are getting more savvy, more technologically advanced, and more social with every day that passes. But you don't want to be on social media just for the sake of checking a box - let's get some conversions and meet important marketing goals while we're there.

Advertising on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook can help you reach more and more people in a world where organic social media is becoming more focused on branding and less on acquiring new customers.

While all social advertising can be effective, Facebook leads the pack.

What is Paid Facebook?

Paid Facebook refers to advertising on the platform, and includes both ads you can build through the advertising manager and the ability to "Boost" your existing page posts. Your paid Facebook efforts can have a number of goals, including:

  • Brand Awareness

  • Reach

  • Traffic

  • Engagement

  • App Installs

  • Video Views

  • Lead Generation

  • Messages

  • Conversions

  • Catalog Sales

  • Store Visits

Your approach will depend on where you want to pick customers and potential customers up in your sales funnel, and where you want them to end up. Facebook offers an enormous amount of flexibility for businesses testing out what goals will best serve their purposes on the platform.


Why Putting Money Where Your Business is Matters

It seems obvious - but if you're going to be using Facebook for your business, paid advertising is a must. Organic reach no longer exists, and the ad manager platform offers a powerful way to connect with an enormous audience and earn their business.

That all being said, the Facebook platform can be incredibly complicated. It can be very easy to throw money into a black hole and never see it again. That's why thousands of online courses are dedicated to learning the ropes - from how to set up an ad to how to test what works creatively, to how to optimize for maximum conversions or lowest costs per acquisition. It can take many hours and plenty of trial and error to learn what works - only to have Facebook change or update the platform and force you to start again.

Paid Search + Facebook Expertise = Unique Insights and Strategic Advantages

We offer Facebook advertising as a service because we have unique insight into the mechanisms of paid advertising as a whole. With our background in paid search, we understand how consumers respond to paid ads, we know what to test, where your dollars will go the furthest, and how to nurture consumers through your particular sales funnel. With several Facebook experts on our team, we combine our advertising acumen with Facebook expertise to offer you the most effective paid Facebook strategy possible. As a growing marketing company in Atlanta, a city exploding with technological advancement, Lead Horse Marketing has no shortage of talent, willingness to continue to learn, and ability to adapt to rapid change.


Paid Facebook Audience Capabilities

Facebook offers unprecedented access to a number of different audiences, which you can segment according to relevance to your business. Understanding how to properly create an audience can be overwhelming, especially with so many options at hand.

Facebook also allows businesses to upload their customer lists, retarget to recent website visitors, serve ads to those who have engaged with their business on Facebook and Instagram, and more. With so many dynamic ways to reach existing and new customers, the platform offers a uniquely powerful way to drive conversions, app installs, landing page views and more through regular audience touch-points.

Analyzing, understanding and developing audiences on Facebook is a key part of the paid process. Doing so correctly (or not) can also make or break your success, and it's a huge point of focus for us.

Paid Facebook Testing and Metrics

Constant A/B testing, budget optimization, bid targeting and analytics deep dives are a regular part of our paid Facebook strategy. Learning what works and what doesn't requires an enormous amount of patience, tweaking, and data-based decision-making.

We will assess factors including, but not limited to:

  • Cost per result (per purchase, per landing page view, per impression etc.)

  • Amount spent versus number of conversions

  • Ad reach and impressions

  • Budget optimization

  • Frequency

  • Relevance score

  • Click-through-rates


We make data a huge part of our daily life at Lead Horse - and we leverage it over time to ensure your company gets maximum exposure and conversions for the least cost.

Our Process


Research & Audit Current Presence

Our first step in any marketing or advertising venture - from Paid Search to SEO and Web Design - is to work to thoroughly understand what you're currently doing and how it can be improved. We will start with research in your industry and move into auditing your current efforts so that we understand what next steps can actually bring your paid Facebook efforts to the next level. We might even tweak some things, like targeting your bids more narrowly, right off the bat to garner some quick results for you.


Competitive Analysis

Once we understand what you're doing, we need to know what your main competitors could be doing better (or worse). We'll work to understand how your strategies differ from the competition, and how your business can be creative in working to ultimately surpass them.


Strategy and Metric Development

Next, we'll develop a strategy for your paid Facebook efforts - and explore the metrics we can use to constantly improve (and that you can measure our success against!). We will develop audiences, creative ideas, ad copy tests, budgets, bid caps, and more - and outline it clearly so that you understand exactly what to expect from your Facebook campaigns.


Implement and Test

We will implement our strategy and test, test, test. Facebook advertising is a dynamic process - you never know what works until you try it. We'll never "set and forget" - your account is our daily project!


Report, Report, Report

Every month, we'll keep you in the loop about what's working and what's not - and how we plan to improve the next month. With Lead Horse, you'll never be in the dark about how our strategy is working out.

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