Case Study

Strategic Amazon Advertising Drives $1.6MM Sales Increase in Q3 for Print Media Leader


Discover how a leading seller in the Print Media sector harnessed the power of Amazon Paid Search to significantly boost ad sales and organic rankings. With a goal to amplify market presence on Amazon, they partnered with Lead Horse to deploy an innovative full-funnel marketing approach and optimize investment in high-performing keywords.

Primary Goals:

  • Elevate Amazon Ad Revenues
  • Secure Profit Margins
  • Advance Organic Search Positions

Spectacular Sales Surge in 90 Days

Partnering with Lead Horse, the brand achieved an extraordinary $1.6MM rise in ad sales, translating to an 81% uptick. This was complemented by maintaining a lean ACoS at 5.68%, illustrating a lucrative balance between growth and profitability.

Ad Sales Ascension
By intensifying focus on high-ROI keywords, we engineered an 81% growth in ad sales.
Profitability Perfection
Adhered to a savvy ACoS of 5.68%, demonstrating adept budget management.
Organic Rank Elevation
Implemented a full-funnel marketing method, raising organic keyword ranks by 8%.

Mastering Ad Sales & Profitability

We scaled the client's investment in the most lucrative keywords, refining ad targeting for peak visibility and engagement. A methodical analysis of campaign data drove our spend optimization, fostering an 81% leap in ad sales while maintaining robust profitability.

Cultivating Organic Rank Presence

A tailor-made full-funnel marketing strategy was crucial for enhancing organic keyword rankings within Amazon's unique ecosystem. By executing synergistic campaigns that covered every stage of the customer journey, we not only improved immediate ad performance but also elevated long-term organic search stature by 8%.

Holistic Strategy Yields Market Leadership

A strategic inflow of investment into high-performing keywords coupled with a full-funnel marketing strategy propelled the brand to new heights, achieving a $1.6MM sales increase within 90 days. This approach not only drove aggressive sales but also nurtured a sustainable growth path in Amazon's competitive Paper & Print Media space.

Ready to Transform Your Amazon Performance?

Are you ready to harness the power of Amazon to drive sales and dominate the market? Let Lead Horse's tailored full-funnel marketing strategies and data-driven insights propel your brand to the forefront. Discover our Amazon marketing solutions for more details or read our DSP case study to see our proven results in action. Take the first step towards unparalleled success on Amazon today!

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