Case Study

Premium Paper Company


Explore how Lead Horse, a renowned Amazon DSP agency, transformed the account performance of one of Amazon’s top sellers in premium paper and cardstock. Discover our approach to amplifying brand presence and driving sales on Amazon.

Primary Goals:

  • Boost Revenue
  • Maximize Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Expand Amazon Brand Visibility

Transformative Results Achieved in 30 Days

In a single month, our targeted Amazon DSP campaigns enabled this national paper company to skyrocket its revenue by 121%—achieving this without increasing their ad spend. This strategic approach also led to a stellar 134% rise in ROAS, exemplifying our capability to optimize spending and target effectively.

Revenue Growth
Revenue doubled with a 121% increase through tailored DSP strategies
ROAS Enhancement
ROAS boosted by 134%, demonstrating our expertise in Amazon DSP optimization
Product Page Views Increased
A 71% surge in views from optimized content and targeted Amazon DSP ads

Revenue Growth Through Strategic Amazon DSP Advertising

By embracing Amazon DSP, we identified key opportunities to enhance the client’s Amazon operations. Our bespoke campaign strategy focused on high-performing products, cutting unnecessary expenditure, which doubled the company's revenue without extra investment.

Enhancing ROAS with Custom Bidding Algorithms

Improving ROI in Amazon advertising involves sophisticated decision-making. Rather than reducing activity to meet ROI goals—which could lower sales—we applied a custom bidding algorithm. This allowed for dynamic bid adjustments based on performance indicators, thereby doubling the ROAS efficiently.

Achieving More with Less: A Seller's Dream Realized

Our deep understanding of Amazon DSP enabled us to deliver the ultimate goal for any seller—more profits with less spend. By refining our client's Amazon strategy, their purchases soared by 129% in under a month, showcasing the power of focused and intelligent ad spend.

Ready to Transform Your Amazon Performance?

Explore our comprehensive Amazon advertising services today and see how we can help you maximize your revenue and ROAS just like we did for our premium paper company client. Start your journey to enhanced Amazon success now!

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