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Lead Horse is Atlanta’s top Pay Per Click Management agency. Our approach to paid search is second to none in the digital marketing industry. Our team believes in bringing a holistic and granular approach to every part of the client’s business. With us, no detail is too small or unimportant.


Paid Search Services

Digital Strategy

Lead Horse works hand in hand with clients to develop innovative digital marketing strategies that lead to profitable growth.


Lead Horse has achieved success for clients by implementing laser focused campaigns that leverage demographic, behavioral, and interest targeting.

Measurement & Anlaytics

Lead Horse thrives on solving complex tracking challenges. As a result, we provide your business the ability to track advertising ROI at the most granular level across all digital marketing channels.


Lead Horse has had great success with Google Shopping for our clients. Our campaigns are broken out to the most granular level in order to drive ROI for e-commerce clients.

Paid Search

Paid Search is Lead Horse’s bread and butter. Our team has over ten years of experience delivering exceptional ROI for the most recognizable brands.

Programmatic Advertising

Lead Horse believes that Programmatic Advertising is the way of the future and our team is ahead of the curve. Our partnership with Rocket Fuel is just one great example.


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Our Approach

Complete Measurement

From our perspective, without complete measurement nothing else matters. Our team thrives on solving complex measurement challenges and has technology to track digital marketing ROI at the most granular level.

Painstaking Account Setup

Before the accounts are transitioned, our team performs comprehensive audits and conducts performance deep dives to inform our strategy and campaign refinement approach. From there, we implement our findings at the most granular level possible. The end result will be consistent account structures that mirror industry best practices.

Strategic Partnership

Lead Horse believes in a truly strategic approach when it comes to digital marketing. Our team will work hand-in-hand with the client and leverage real consumer feedback to develop comprehensive strategies.

Holistic Digital Approach

From attribution modeling to multi-channel insights, this holistic data will inform the overall digital marketing strategy and grow bottom line revenue.

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