Case Study

Publicly Traded Communications Company


A publicly traded communications company came to Lead Horse looking for an agency that would help them solve their complex tracking issues and grow their lead volume

Primary Goals:

  • Implement technology to track phone calls from Paid Search
  • Increase lead volume across four different business segments
  • Lower cost per lead

The Results

Conversions grew by 43% and the Conversion Rate increased by 35% within the first six months of working with Lead Horse. As a result, the company experienced a 9% decrease in Cost Per Conversion

Conversions grew by:
Conversion rate increased by:
Cost Per Conversion decreased by:

Sophisticated Call Tracking

During the discovery calls, Lead Horse discovered the company was not currently tracking phone calls properly. As a result, they were not getting the data that they needed to inform their business strategies. Our team worked with their existing call tracking provider to implement tracking that would give us call data all the way down to the keyword level. As a result, our team was able to optimize each keyword based on its Cost Per Conversion.

Increasing Lead Volume

In order to increase the lead volume, our team implemented an account setup that would give the account the best opportunity to perform. We broke out every keyword into its own Ad Group. By doing so, we were able to write customized ads by keyword. As a result, the account's Quality Scores increased, the CTR of the ads increased, and conversion rate increased 35%.

Final Results

At Lead Horse, we pride ourselves on being good stewards of our clients' money. Whether it be $1 or $1,000,000, we believe that we should manage it like it is our own money. As a result, we take pride in driving more for a client at a lower cost and we were able to do this for the company. By working with the client's team and using our best practices, we were able to cut how much they paid for each lead by 9%.

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