Case Study

International Gaming Company


This international gaming company came to Lead Horse looking for an agency that would help them increase the ROI of their Search and Shopping campaigns

Primary Goals:

  • Improve their Google Shopping performance
  • Increase the account's ROI
  • Provide world-class expertise and service

The Results

After four months of engaging with Lead Horse, our team increased conversions by 29% and increased revenue by 46%. As a result, our team exceeded the client's ROI goal.

Increased conversions by:
Increased revenue by:

Google Shopping

During the audit phase of our discovery process, our team found a major opportunity to grow the client’s Google Shopping presence. Through proper configuration and optimization of the product feed and setting up the shopping campaigns based on best practices, our team was able to increase sales for specific products that the client wanted to sell.

Increasing The ROI

Increasing an account's ROI can be a very tricky process. On one hand, you can pull back drastically and only focus on areas that already meet the ROI goals. Often times, this will result in a decrease in sales. To avoid this, our team implemented a custom bidding algorithm that enabled us to adjust bids based on a portfolio method and as a result, their conversions increased by 29%.

Final Results

The bottom line is that companies hire Lead Horse to increase their revenue or leads. By working with this client to understand their needs and by taking the time to truly understand what will grow their business, we increased their revenue 46% in the first four months.

Why Lead Horse?

At the end of the day, you need results. Our team prides ourselves on doing whatever it takes to achieve those for our clients. If you are looking for results or just want to discuss where your company is and how we might be able to help, reach out to us today!

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