Case Study

National Bedding Company


One of Amazon's top selling bedding companies came to Lead Horse looking for someone to help improve on their account performance

Primary Goals:

  • Increase revenue
  • Increase spend
  • Increase ROI

The Results

Within two months of working with Lead Horse, this national bedding company increased revenue by 273% while also increasing spend by 21%. As a result, they experienced a 200% increase in ROI

Increased revenue by:
Increased spend by:
Increased ROI by:

Increasing Revenue

While onboarding the account, our team found that there were major opportunities to grow the client's account while also making it more efficient. To do so, our team devised and implemented a unique campaign approach across Sponsored Products and Headline Search Ads that focused efforts on top performing products while eliminating wasteful spend. As a result, we increase the total revenue by 273%

Increasing Transactions

Once we had the client's account properly setup and we had started increasing the ROI, the client tasked us with increasing spend and transactions while maintaining or improving the ROI. We did just that by use proprietary tools to expand the reach of the campaigns without targeting irrelevant categories and terms.

Final Results

Spending less while making more is every business owner's dream. We did that for this client through our experience and targeted custom approach to the client's account. As a result, their ROI increased 200%.

Looking For Help?

Who doesn't want to increase their return on investment by 200%? Whether you are just getting started on Amazon or if you are driving millions of dollars in revenue, we would love to help you. Reach out to us today to see how we can increase your ROI by 200%!

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