How to Choose a Facebook Objective

Advertising on Facebook is a must for businesses of all sizes. Why? Organic reach is no more, and social media is where your customers are.

Facebook offers a robust advertising platform, with numerous targeting opportunities, multiple unique ways to present your business, and several possibilities for connecting with your audience. Indeed, with the extensive targeting options available on the social network, finding the right audience for your business is within your reach.

But now that you have found them and have their attention, what do you want them to do?

This is where setting the right Facebook ad objectives can make all the difference. Your options include:

Brand Awareness




App Installs

Video Views

Lead Generation



Catalog Sales

Store Visits

Since Facebook offers so many objectives, which one you choose depends on what you want to accomplish and can drive your success. In this whitepaper, we’ll walk you through each objective and the scenarios in which each should be used. Download now!

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