Amazon Prime Day 2018 is Coming!


An exciting month is right around the corner – one filled with fireworks, hamburgers and hotdogs, togetherness – and tons of amazing deals on Amazon. That’s right – it’s July, and Independence Day celebrations can only be made better with the anticipation of what nifty gadgets you will soon be able to buy from Amazon at a discount in just a few short weeks.

This year, Prime Day will actually last about 36 hours – starting at noon on July 16 (Monday) and ending on Tuesday at midnight.

Prime Day in 2017

Other than Cyber Monday, Prime Day 2017 was Amazon’s biggest shopping day – ever. This means that Amazon vendors and advertisers had almost unprecedented access to enormous site traffic and potential customers. According to Amazon Marketing Services…

  • Compared to the previous Tuesday, advertisers on Amazon saw up to a 300% lift in sales attributed to their advertising on the platform.
  • Ad clicks and impressions more than doubled in some cases.

Needless to say, Amazon Prime Day is a “prime” opportunity to increase conversions on the platform and loop new people into your sales funnel.

Gear Up for Prime Day 2018

This year’s Prime Day is likely to be even more successful than the last, considering that the 2017 event grew by 60% compared to the year before. There are certain things you can and should do to prepare your account for the big day and get the most out of Prime Day. Amazon suggests the following:

  • Understand what keywords are currently driving your sales and optimize for those on Prime day.
  • Reach more shoppers by including at least 50 keywords in your ad campaigns. Mix your match types as well – broad match will offer the most visibility, where phrase/exact match will likely attract people looking specifically to buy your product. Also include negative keywords to avoid wasting money on traffic you don’t want.
  • Don’t set an end date for your ads – post-Prime day shoppers can be just as valuable as those you encounter day of!
  • Make sure your product detail pages are optimized for sales success:
    • Use relevant keywords and product information in your titles.
    • Use as many high-resolution images as you can, showcasing everything from the product to lifestyle images.
    • Highlight product benefits and uses in quick bullet points.
  • Use Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads, Product Display Ads and Amazon Stores together to ensure your product is visible.
    • Choose your best products – those with the best reviews, usually.
    • Group your best-selling products together if you can (only if they are relevant to each other – segmenting your products allows you to create highly targeted campaigns).
    • Advertise your Deals of the Day and coupons using Sponsored Products.
  • Launch any campaigns ASAP – Amazon advises 2 weeks in advance – to ensure you have time to measure results and tweak your ads.
  • Set your daily budgets at least 200% higher than normal to ensure you don’t run out of budget on Prime Day.
  • Increase your bids! Amazon recommends choosing the maximum amount you are willing to pay.
  • Keep an eye throughout the day on your campaigns. If you are experiencing low impressions, you will need to increase your bids.  If you are seeing certain keywords leading to more conversions, increase bids for those keywords to maximize sales.

What Else Can You Do?

Remember that, while Amazon is its own eco-system, it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Make sure to cross-promote your Prime Day efforts across your social media outlets and other marketing arenas. Don’t be afraid to test, test, test in the days leading up to Prime Day so that you can be sure your strategy is air-tight come July 16.

Not on Amazon? Get Started ASAP

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Amazon Marketing Services: “Drive sales during Prime Day 2018 with Amazon Marketing Services”

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