Google Search Algorithm Update: June 3, 2019

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In an almost unprecedented move, Google pre-announced (on June 2nd) that a broad core algorithm update would take place today, on June 3rd. The last core update took place in March 2019, but it was not pre-announced. Usually, Google rolls out its broad core updates every few months and reacts to speculation after the fact – which both makes this announcement unusual and lends to it a sense of importance that may be overblown.

Why Announce Now?

Webmasters have been requesting more transparency from Google for – well, forever. Search liaison Danny Sullivan confirmed this was simply an attempt to be more proactive and open with the search community.

Still, SEOs are skeptical. The pre-announcement has caused plenty of chatter and left SEOs on the edge of their already flimsy seats. Anyone in SEO knows they can never get too comfortable – especially if Google is speaking out about something.

Regardless of the why, this algorithm update is like all others; all we can do is follow Google’s guidelines and of course do the SEO rain dance to ensure we aren’t impacted. Excuse us while we put on all our ritualistic gear (again).

What is a Broad Core Algorithm Update?

Google often runs algorithm updates with the goal of improving the search results to keep them relevant and vital to our everyday life. Some of these updates target specific issues or industries, and others are more general changes that can have impacts across a wide range of niches and types of results. The broad core updates fall into the second category.

Google says this about broad core algorithm updates: “As with any update, some sites may note drops or gains. There’s nothing wrong with pages that may now perform less well. Instead, it’s that changes to our systems are benefitting pages that were previously unrewarded.”

What You Can Do

As of about 1:30 PM EST, Google tweeted that this new update has gone live. Now’s the time to don your gear and start dancing around the fire! Just kidding (sort of).

Keep your eyes out for impact over the next few days, and keep amping up the user experience on your site. Make sure your site is mobile friendly, and has plenty of fresh, useful content relevant to the keywords associated with your brand and your industry.

Free SEO Audit

If you’re concerned about the impact of Google search algorithm updates on your web presence, the best thing to do is ensure your website aligns with Google’s best practices. If you need help doing so, we’ll run a quick and comprehensive SEO audit for you – free of charge. Get in touch here.

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