A Google Algorithm Update & A Directive: Just Wait and See?


Search Engine Land recently confirmed with Google that there was, in fact, a “broad core algorithm update” in early March. This is confirmation that most webmasters and SEOs didn’t need, as the impact for many meant drop-offs in what has been a relatively stable search atmosphere lately. Though they needed no confirmation, site owners had one question: what can we do in light of this change to right the ship? After all, in many past instances, improving content, adding content, changing link strategies, and more behaviors were helpful in turning things around. But the answer this time provided no help.

Nothing can necessarily be done to change things in the wake of this update, according to Google. Algorithmic changes were made behind the scenes that left some sites suffering, but other, “previously unrewarded” sites improving quickly. The search engine notes that with several broad updates per year, subtle ranking factors can change that upset the current rankings and, by no fault of your own, drag your site down further than you would like to see it.

So, if you’re wondering what you can do bring your rankings back up to what they were pre-algorithm change, there is, unfortunately, no answer. But if you keep creating high quality content and following best practices, things will likely level out…until the next update!

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