Real Estate Marketing That Works: 5 Things to Know

Real estate marketing has gone digital.

Successful real estate agents need to excel in many areas. They are, after all, part psychologist, tour guide, sales professional, secretary and lawyer. One of the most critical areas agents need to have a working knowledge of is real estate marketing. Few areas will make a bigger impact on their ability to maximize income and resources.

Ads for real estate agents used to be fairly simple. A headshot and some photos of properties would do. That’s not nearly enough anymore. In today’s marketplace, consumers are more sophisticated than ever. Many prospects have done an enormous amount of research before they even call a real estate agent. Agents who know and understand this will thrive. Those who don’t will struggle. Digital marketing for real estate agents is key to a growing real estate business.

Here are five things to know about creating effective real estate marketing that works:

1. Be Consistent

Prospects want to do business with someone they feel they know and are familiar with. It is why so many choose a friend or relative who is an agent to represent them. But how do you build this trust and familiarity through real estate marketing? It is by being consistent. Consistency in marketing is a powerful fuel that can propel your business forward.

Be consistent in who you are targeting and in your messaging. Use the same colors and fonts in your messages and advertisements throughout the marketing platforms used. Make sure all of your marketing elements complement each other. In real estate marketing, this is wide-ranging. It includes yard signs, print ads, business cards, your website, social media, emails and more. Keep personal social media separate from your business social media account.

Consistency also involves timing. Are you updating your social media in a timely, consistent manner? Do you send emails or newsletter regularly? When you are consistent, it also demonstrates reliability, a desired trait in successful real estate professionals.

A potential lead may not call you upon being initially exposed to one of your messages, but with each contact, you are building your brand through familiarity. When it comes time to make a decision on an agent, you can benefit from this consistency. The goal is to have prospects feel like they know you and are comfortable with you even before they make contact.

2. Use Content Marketing and Real Estate SEO Strategies

Today’s homebuyers are better equipped than ever. Before they even make a first contact with a real estate agent, many have already determined neighborhoods, floor plans and price ranges and may have even already taken multiple virtual tours. How can you help ensure they will contact you? By providing valuable content for them and through proven real estate search engine optimization strategies.

You can provide relevant, valuable content in a variety of ways, including via social media, a blog, emails or a newsletter. Provide readers with up-to-date data, helpful tips and tricks, and real estate news. The more local the information, the better. This is particularly valuable for SEO purposes where prospects may be searching for information by location, such as “best neighborhoods in hometown” or “duplex for sale hometown.” Having quality content is important, but without SEO optimization, it still may not be seen. What works best is a blend of desired content and professionally executed real estate SEO strategies.

This combination of valuable content and real estate SEO serves as an online magnet, drawing prospects to your information. Once they view you as a resource, they will soon see you as an expert. When they are ready to move forward in their purchase, you are positioned well to become their agent.

3.  Invest in Your Marketing

Much of your marketing in real estate can be low- or even no-cost. Participating in civic events, distributing business cards and flyers, and reaching prospects through open houses takes effort but can be done inexpensively.

You should know, however, that spending money in the right places can get you a terrific return on investment. Working with a real estate marketing company and using paid search can be an effective way to reach out to prospects and lead them to your website or social media. A real estate marketing company can help develop campaigns that help you nurture prospects into leads and leads into sales at affordable costs per lead. Lead Horse Marketing recently drove qualified leads for a real estate client – for just $15 per lead – within the first 2 weeks of working together.  This takes time, knowledge and experience that many agents simply don’t possess. If you truly want to separate yourself from the crowd, get some professional assistance and step up to paid search.

4. Understand the Power of Mobile Marketing

Real estate agents aren’t the only people dependent on their mobile devices. Potential leads are connected as well. It is important that your real estate website be mobile-capable and easy to read. Connecting with you should be simple. Text messaging is a terrific way to let potential clients know about a new listing they may be interested in. Smartphones also provide you the capability to update social media status in real time. Social media paid ads can even target mobile users by location. They also allow you to more promptly respond to any inquiries you may receive through email, an online form or text.

5. Call Lead Horse Marketing

If you are ready to propel your real estate business beyond the competition, learn more about Lead Horse Marketing. Lead Horse Marketing is a real estate marketing company that combines sophisticated technology, expert management, and exceptional service to get results for our clients. We are transparent and accountable.

Strategic benefits of Lead Horse Marketing include:

  • Fair pricing.

  • Low costs per lead on average.

  • Data-driven decision making.

  • Specialized attention.

  • Team collaboration.

  • Real estate industry awareness.

From paid search and social media to web design and search engine optimization, discover how Lead Horse Marketing can help you earn more leads for your real estate business!

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