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Lead Horse is an Atlanta PPC agency that achieves revenue growth for its clients through innovation.  PPC or pay-per-click advertising, when executed properly, will result in profitable leads and sales.

Consider this example, when consumers want or need something, the first place they typically look is   When I needed a new pair of sneakers for my last 5k, I found a running store in the neighborhood next to mine after typing ‘Atlanta running stores’ into Google’s search bar.  After the race, my friends and I wanted to find a great place to enjoy lunch.  I grabbed my iPhone, used the built in GPS to find my current location in Piedmont Park, and then searched for the ‘best tapas ’ nearby.  The search results gave me the restaurant closest to us with step-by-step walking directions.

Technology has transformed our lives in such a short amount of time, particularly the rapid growth of mobile devices.  The Smartphone is a constant companion; a powerful computing device, camera, GPS, phone, and so much more that fits in the palm of our hands.  According to Google, 97% of consumers search for products and services online.  Okay, so maybe that statistic sounds obvious, but why is it so important?

The answer lies in the fact that a considerable number of businesses struggle with their level of online visibility.  If consumers are looking for your brand online and they can’t find it, those sales will be lost to competitors.  Competitors that have smarter marketing strategies in place are mopping up the online demand and improving their bottom lines.  Meanwhile, your business is relying on out of date, traditional advertising tactics such as paying for magazine inserts.

How do you accurately track the number of consumers that even saw your company’s ad?  You don’t.  How do you measure the return on investment?  It’s an educated guess at best.  However, pay-per-click marketing or ppc is on the opposite end of the measurement spectrum.  Now, you have a direct response channel that gives your business the ability to accurately tie every advertising dollar you spend to every visit to your company’s website.  Talk about every marketer’s dream.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) offers real time reporting, the ability to flip ads on or off in a matter of seconds, and the best part….you can dominate the top spot of the Google search results immediately.  For example, let’s use a local restaurant as an example.  Our client recently opened a new restaurant, Buttermilk Kitchen, earlier this month.  Every Tuesday night, they will be serving fried chicken dinner to a limited number of guests.  In an effort to spread the word, Lead Horse set-up an Atlanta ppc account and will bid on keywords that are relevant to Buttermilk Kitchen’s target market.

Their target market consists of Atlanta residents that live in the Buckhead neighborhood and are interested in a “farm to table” dining experience.  With that information in mind, we selected keywords such as ‘Atlanta southern fare’, ‘places for Buckhead brunch’, ‘great fried chicken in Atlanta’ and targeted the ads to only people that live in Atlanta, Ga.  The ad copy might have a promotional message to entice users to check out the new spot.  This ensures a hyper targeted approach; reaching the right consumers with the right message at the right time.

To take it one step further, Lead Horse utilizes the Google Analytics platform to guarantee every dollar is being spent efficiently and effectively.  Google Analytics allows Lead Horse to track sales that are tied directly to the Atlanta ppc campaign and also gives Buttermilk Kitchen detailed insight into how visitors interact with their website.  The best part about Google Analytics, other than its powerful measurement capabilities, is that it’s completely free.

Imagine this scenario; you’re a business owner with a great product and you have taken the most important first step in the online world of having a website developed.  But, it’s been a year since your much anticipated site was released and nothing much has happened since.  If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.  Often, websites do not appear for important keyword searches due to a variety of reasons, namely the lack of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or tactics employed for high rankings in the search engine results page.

Even if you hired a web developer and SEO specialist to improve your site’s organic rankings in the Google search results, it could take several months before the improvements come to fruition.  A faster and more effective answer is to launch a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.  This allows you to boost your brand’s online visibility overnight, target the right people, and dominate the top of the Google search results.  Then, sit back, and watch the revenue flow in.

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