Google Launches Customer Match

Google Customer Match

Google has released a new “Customer Match” capability that could very well change the remarketing game for the better. Though the specific capability that Customer Match offers is already available on social platforms like Facebook, its adaptation to the Google ecosystem will only benefit us as advertisers. Read on to learn how!

What is Customer Match?

Customer Match aims to connect businesses with their customers across the YouTube, search and Gmail networks. It allows you to connect with your existing customer base as well as reach out to potential new customers. You can both target customers that you already know and exclude those customers to ensure you are reaching a new group of potential consumers. It can even help you reach people who are similar to your existing customers to increase the likelihood of them being interested in what you have to say.

How Does Customer Match Work?

You, the advertiser, can upload the existing email addresses that you have as an audience list. Then, Google will match this data to existing Google accounts and allow you to remarket to them across the search, Gmail and YouTube networks. You now have a new audience list to work with – whether you choose to target or exclude the customers – as you try to reach them across devices as they surf YouTube, Google, and Gmail networks. Keeping your brand top of mind for people most likely to buy is now much easier.

Google automatically generates Similar Audience lists based on your original email list for targeting on Gmail and YouTube!

Why It’s Valuable

This new Customer Match system is valuable for numerous reasons, including:

  • You are able to reach people who have already expressed some sort of interest in what you have to offer (and people like them who are highly likely to also be interested).
  • You are able to reach customers old and new on some of the most popular platforms – search, of course, but also Gmail (with almost one billion monthly users) and YouTube with even more than that.
  • You are able to target similar audience to those on your current email list. This should be an audience with strong conversion rates which will boost remarketing and display campaigns.

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