Today’s Top Tech Companies

With news of Apple “disrupting” the watch industry, much like the company has disrupted the laptop and desktop computer niches, it’s no surprise that Apple remains on top of the tech world. The FORBES Global 2000 lists Apple as the world’s largest, followed by Samsung, Microsoft and Google.

Apple, then Samsung, then Everybody Else

Recent numbers have Apple beating out Samsung, Microsoft, Google and IBM to be the world’s largest technology company. With the largest market cap ($740 billion), the most sales ($200 billion as of April 6th), profits ($45 billion) and assets ($260 billion), Apple wins by no small margin.

All of these companies will be stepping up their game to keep up with the technology giant, which was also just named the “greenest tech company in the world” by Greenpeace. In that race, Apple beat out Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

Why It Matters

These are the companies to watch, to follow and see what new innovations they come up with that will impact our work as marketers and advertisers.

What do you think of this ranking? Will Apple stay on top? Tweet me @lanegeorge with your thoughts.

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