How To Take Advantage Of Google AdWords Power User Tools

Google AdWords power user tools are game changers and geared toward the big guys, but can help small businesses too. They reduce the complexity of targeting, improve your ability to advertise promotions and real time calls-to-action, and can help you reach your customers at scale.



Get Creative, Get Customizing

You want to create relevant, timely ads for each customer you are targeting. Ad Customizers are the first of the power user tools of which you can take advantage.  Here’s how Google describes them:

For advertisers with thousands, or even millions of products, showing tailored messages for each product and promotion you’re offering can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Ad customizers let you show highly relevant ads to your customers, in real-time, even when you have thousands (and sometimes millions) of products, services, and promotions—all changing by the day.”

These customizers will essentially sort through your thousands of products and match them to your target audience to get it right. Here’s how:

You and Google will work together using a number of inputs you provide about your business. Learn exactly how to set them up via the Adwords Help Center here.

  • In the new “Business Data” section of the Adwords Shared Library you’ll be able to create an ad with “Customizers”. These are parameters you can use – promotions, specific products keywords and other narrowly targeted items – to tell Google which items you want to utilize in your customized ads.
  • This information is pulled from a spreadsheet you’ll upload first that has details about products, prices, and promotions timing. Google will then utilize the information you gave correlating these items to certain campaigns, Ad Groups or keywords to deliver targeted ads to your customers.
  • When you create your ads, include your parameters for dynamic creative. A single line can have thousands of variations with Ad Customizers (all text except URLs is customizable).

Why Customize? Better Ad Performance and Higher CTR

Ad Customizers have several perks– they work in real time and make important functions much easier and more scalable. If you have a promotion happening through Halloween, your ad will count down the days and even the hours until the promotion is over.  With this function, not only are you driving more traffic to your site, but you are also driving more targeted traffic, with users ready to buy what you are promoting. Though there were previous workarounds for this function, customizers make it easier and more user-friendly.

Your relevant and dynamic ads will change based on different user groups, and hopefully use their interests to drive click-through rates for your business. According to Google, utilizing these ads improved click through rates for Extra Space Storage by 113%.

All this and you actually save time writing unique ad copy for diverse users. Google is offering to do it for you based on what customers search for, inserting what is relevant to them in the ad text.


Ad Customizers can…

  • Save you time
  • Reach more targeted users
  • Improve your CTR
  • Easily allow countdowns for your promotions


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