Sell More Houses in 2019

Real estate marketing done well can lead to more sales, more satisfied clients, and ultimately, happier agents.

That’s why real estate agents are using new and innovative ways to reach home buyers. From social media marketing to advertising and online marketing, there are a number of cutting edge strategies to choose from.

Driving New Real Estate Leads

Typically, real estate agents pursue strategies like social media, purchasing leads, direct mail or and advertising. All of these methods, however, can be expensive, and may not be reaching potential buyers or sellers who are ready to move forward.

Paid Search Currently Composes Only 6% of Real Estate Marketing Budgets

With paid search still occupying a small proportion of marketing spend in real estate, you can get ahead of your competition. Additionally, real estate agents can experience 50% more lead conversions with Pay-Per-Click advertising.

See more ways to sell more houses in 2019 in the infographic below:


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