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The real estate industry has entered into an entirely new era. We are beyond direct mail and newspaper advertising; you need digital marketing for real estate success.


Specifically, Search Engine Optimization for real estate has become an essential way for Realtors to attract the attention of buyers and sellers in today's marketplace. Everything is done online these days, which means you're missing out on a lot of money if you can't make friends with the search engines.

That's what Lead Horse Marketing does. As Atlanta’s top PPC and SEO agency, Lead Horse brings creative, data-based digital marketing know-how to the real estate industry.

We take your listings, company info, and important data, and we find ways to put you directly in front of the people who will be most likely to pay attention to your messages. If you didn't catch the data part, allow us to reiterate its importance: Lead Horse is a data-driven firm that helps build proper SEO for real estate firms across Atlanta and beyond.

Real Estate SEO: Why It Matters

For some businesses, being found on Google is an important piece of the puzzle, but it's not everything. When it comes to real estate, 86 percent of people indicated online websites were seen as the most useful places from which to obtain information and 44 percent of buyers started their home-buying expedition by looking at properties online, according to the National Association of Realtors.

What does that mean for you? Simply put, people are waiting to find you, but you have to be findable. Lead Horse's SEO for real estate tactics take the mystery out of lead generation by creating content that your audience— and those ever-valuable search engines— will find valuable. The more valuable your content is, the higher you'll rank on search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher up you are on those pages, the more qualified leads you'll generate.

The key isn't to rank on the first page of any search phrase; it's to rank on the first page of important and relevantsearch phrases. When put into practice correctly, your SEO will take care of itself, removing the veil of mystery from search engine optimization while filling your funnel with optimal leads.

How Lead Horse's SEO Services Benefit Realtors

We love data, which means everything we do is driven by real facts and figures. When it comes to growing the revenue stream of a real estate agency, we produce custom SEO programs that strategically talk to the search engines, as well as the buyers and sellers, who are already looking for the services you offer in the markets in which you offer them.

Sure, Google's algorithm updates can be scary if you're trying to do this yourself, but you're not! You've got Lead Horse on your team. Our experts are on top of the ever-changing best practices necessary to stay ahead of your competition.

Here's how we tackle SEO in the real estate world:


We Do Our Research

Any successful SEO campaign is backed by tons of research. We want to know what people in your area are searching for. Which phrases are your competitors using? Which words get the most hits? What can we do to elevate the words you're currently using to get them more traffic?

It's all about auditing the existing situation against the strategies that will work best for your business. By performing Technical, Content, and Offsite audits, we're able to lay the foundation for a successful strategy as we get going.


We Optimize Your Site and Fix Problems

During our audits, we typically uncover several things that need to be fixed. This can include a range of items, such as:

  • Technical Problems. If your site isn't loading quickly, or if you're experiencing server configuration problems, the search engines will look past your content and move onto your competitors, regardless of other SEO elements you may have in place.
  • Navigational Issues. You need to have an easy-to-navigate website in addition to an engaging website design. It's important for your site's visitors, but it's also important for SEO. If Google can't access your site in a simple manner, you're already losing out on vital traffic.
  • Server Configuration Situations. Your target audiences needs to have quick access to the information you're going to give them without server mishaps or security issues.

We Create Great Content

This is where we really shine. Once your site's in working order, it's time to mastermind the creative details that'll help you gain visibility in your real estate market. Not only will we optimize existing content so it's more search engine-friendly, but we'll also create a comprehensive content strategy with your goals in mind. This might include:

  • Landing pages that make it easy to compile useful contact information.
  • Blogs that showcase your authority within your market.
  • Web pages specifically dedicated to the areas you serve.
  • Cross-promotion so you can let Google know how vital your information is because your site is backlinked from other quality sites on the web.

We'll help you create content that relates to the things your buyers and sellers are searching for. Should you talk about the schools in the area? We've got you covered! Do you need to bolster your knowledge of upcoming local events? We'll take care of it!

Since the real estate industry is ever-changing, you need a team that can adjust to the needs of your market.


Building Traffic and Analyzing Results

With everything set to go, we look at three key performance indicators: Ranking, Traffic, and Conversion.

We don't send you off to the wolves once you've gone live with us; we keep an eye on each of these important metrics, adjusting elements as needed to ensure you real estate SEO is on point. Additionally, we’ll build your SEO strategy so that it complements your paid search and social media advertising strategies as well.

If you're ready to see where Lead Horse can take your real estate marketing endeavors, we're ready to get started! We understand that SEO for real estate isn't like other industries; it's location-specific and built for a very specific audience. We think you'll love what we have to offer. Learn how Lead Horse can enhance your real estate leads today!

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