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Lead Horse Marketing is an Atlanta based Paid Search, SEO and digital marketing firm. We specialize in:

Founded in Atlanta in 2012

Lead Horse founder Lane George's background in the big agency world helped him realize that there are three things top agencies consistently get right: Sophisticated Technology, Expert Management, and Exceptional Service.

Lane brought the positive aspects of this agency mentality to his venture, Lead Horse Marketing, and carefully expanded his team of advertisers and marketers to add even more strategic benefits above and beyond what any company could find with bigger, more corporate outfits, including:

  • Data-based decision making
  • Transparency
  • Specialized attention
  • Fair pricing
  • Team collaboration
  • Industry awareness

How Lead Horse Delivers Value to Your Business

At Lead Horse, our primary focus is value. Yes, metrics matter: rankings, Click-Through-Rates, conversions - these are all incredibly important. But what's more important is that our vision is aligned with your business's concept of success. What exactly are you looking for, and how can we over-deliver on your expectations? To us, value =
meeting YOUR goals, not our own.

Personalized Approach

Our entire team collaborates on everything we do - which means you gain access to individuals with the expansive expertise you need to succeed in your digital marketing efforts. Whatever service you are interested in, you can be sure your business will benefit from our ability to see problems from a variety of angles and develop specialized solutions that will actually make a difference.

Your account manager will never be alone. He or she is constantly calibrating your marketing and advertising strategy with the help of a highly qualified team!

Sophisticated Technology

Lead Horse utilizes world-class technology to solves the most complex measurement challenges for our clients. This technology is key to our success for one simple reason: data is at the core of everything we do. Tracking digital marketing ROI at the most granular level is the only way to ensure we are doing all of the right things at all the right times for all the right reasons.  In order to help your business close the sales loop, we need to measure everything - from what one channel is doing to your entire business pie.

Exceptional Service

We pride ourselves on forming strategic partnerships with clients. Lead Horse is not merely another vendor, but an extension of your team. Do you want to align your business with an agency that will be around for the long-haul? If so, Lead Horse is your answer.

Certified, Expert Management

If you want to outpace your competitors, collaborative expertise is what you need. Our team has managed millions in ad spend for the most recognizable brands, delivering an exceptional ROI every time. We have gone through the process of becoming certified partners with Google and Bing to better understand what works, and to develop strong relationships with the engines that your business relies on for visibility and success.

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